Man Got Hit By Train in Debrecen

This morning (16th September), a man was hit by a train in Debrecen, at Déli sor, near Vértes road.

Big Rise in Number of Border Arrests of Illegal Migrants

This year has seen a big rise in the number of border violators caught by the authorities, with an increasing number of Afghan citizens among them and intensifying activity on the part of human smugglers, György Bakondi, the prime minister’s domestic security chief, told a press conference at the Röszke border station, in southern Hungary, […]


Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival to Start on September 21st

The 5th Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival will get under way in Szeged, in southern Hungary, next Monday, the festival’s director told a press conference.

The 2nd Térey Book Festival begins today

The 2nd Térey Book Festival in Debrecen starts on Tuesday. On the first day of the event, which runs until September 18, János Térey, born in Debrecen, will be commemorated, the poet’s youth will be revived by a walking theater, and an exhibition commemorating Szilárd Borbély will be opened at the book festival.

The Hungarian documentary about the hero of Debrecen received huge acclaim

The best film award went to Fruzsina Skrabski’s film Traumáinkon innen és túl at the Kiez Berlin Film Festival in the “Health and Medicine” category.