Another foreigner was arrested in Hajdú-Bihar

A Bulgarian man applied for entry at Ártánd Road Border Crossing in a truck driven by him on January 18, 2021, at 4 p.m. During the Romanian-Hungarian joint inspection, it was revealed that six men professing to be Afghan citizens were trying to enter the country, hiding in the cargo hold of the truck. Further […]

Police caught a man who was driving under a ban

The local man was caught and detained by the police in Püspökladány for violating the rules.


Photo of the Day: Frozen waterfall in Ilona Valley

Frozen waterfall in the Ilona valley in North-East Hungary in 18 January 2020.

The Kölcsey Center is preparing a free concert

Gábor Kollmann has been a key figure in Hungarian jazz for decades. The Quintet, marked by its name, was founded in 2017. It builds on the roots of mainstream jazz, sounding the compositions of the band members and the eternal standards of jazz history in its own orchestration. Their one-hour concert recorded at the Kölcsey […]

Film Institute Marks 120 Years of Hungarian Film

The National Film Institute (NFI) is celebrating the 120th anniversary of the first Hungarian film with a host of programmes that will include film screenings, exhibitions and other activities.