Writer and Screenwriter Joan Didion Has Died


Writer and screenwriter Joan Didion has passed away, the creator’s publisher, Penguin Random House, announced in New York on Thursday. The 87-year-old writer died of complications from Parkinson’s disease.


“Didion was one of the sharpest language writers and the smartest observer in the country. Her novels, commentaries and memoirs have been recognized with numerous awards and are now considered modern classics, ”the publisher said in a statement.

Didion was a star author of American literature and all of American culture. She was a writer, journalist, screenwriter, essayist. She portrayed American politics and culture ruthlessly and meticulously, from the Hippie era to the presidential election campaigns to the abduction of Patty Hearst. Born in Sacramento, California, she lived in Los Angeles for decades with her husband and screenwriter John Gregory Dunne, who passed away in 2003. They were well-known screenwriters in Hollywood.

For example, two wrote the screenplay for the movie “Lovers of the News”. The film was starring and directed by Robert Redford.

Joan Didion has been mentioned several times as an aspirant for the Nobel Prize in Literature. One of the greatest book successes of recent years is related to her personal grief: in 2003, after the unexpected death of her husband, she wrote her work, The Year of Magic Thoughts, which was also awarded the American National Book Prize. Two years later, her daughter died, and she experienced her grief and pain in another book.

She lived in New York City until her death. She wrote a lot: short stories, novels, articles, commentaries. The first American accolades, including American public service radio, highlight his language and style as an example to the younger generations.



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