There was a huge line in minus 2 degrees in front of the lung clinic in Debrecen

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We know there is an epidemic, but still…

Robert Herpergel, shared this recording, which he received from one of his readers yesterday. The sender wrote that such a line was waiting for the entry in front of the lung clinic in Debrecen, on January 11, 2021.

He notes that even in more normal weather conditions, this is what the patient (and his family) have to go through, but to wait 1 hour in January, – 2 degrees, in the wind, to just get into the building…

I’d put all the people in charge on the list of patients to go through this… If you haven’t had enough trouble in the cold you might even get pneumonia…

-The angry patient said.

Herpergel also added his own thoughts:

I do not condemn the clinic staff for the image above, but the government that I lobby (and vote for) for extra resources each year to avoid or address the problem in the image. I have been doing this as the only public figure in Debrecen for years. Health care could work much better if the government:
-would put money into it
-would operate under the guidance of healthcare workers

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