Yet Another Cute Little Lamb in Our Valais Blacknose Family

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Ever since their arrival in 2018, our Valais Blacknose family have been a regular source of great news and, most recently, our female gave birth to yet another offspring on December 23, 2020, after about 150 days of gestation. Named Veronika by her keepers, the little female is in good health, with an excellent appetite, but is sure to remain by her caring parents’ side for a good while.

Originally from the canton of Valais in Southwest Switzerland, the Valais Blacknose is a particularly large, sturdy, and robust mountain breed with a telling name that derives from the mask-like black patterns around the eyes and snout. Another iconic characteristic is that both rams and ewes have spiral horns. Due to their calm and peaceful temperament and particularly affectionate nature, you will also get to meet our Valais Blacknose family up close after we reopen.
Like a number of our other residents, Veronika is yet to be adopted. If you want to make her really happy while also offering us tremendous help, please consider becoming a zoo foster parent.
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