Twin Goatlings Yet Again

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Following the births in January, there are yet again new arrivals in our goat group as one of our females gave birth to healthy twins on April 15. The little male and female will surely have no shortage of playmates and things to explore since they inhabit our vast wildlife enclosure along with three older goatlings. Be sure to visit them amid the springtime flush of green after we reopen.

Besides exhibiting the rich and diverse fauna found all around the world, it has always been a key mission of our zoo to be also home to domesticated breeds, which are no less exotic in an urban setting. Ever popular residents of our Petting Zoo, goats were domesticated roughly at the same time as sheep were, making them one of the most ancient domestic animals. They are primarily kept for their meat and milk, but also for their horns, skin and hair; one of the softest yarns in the world, called mohair, is in fact made from the hair of the Angora breed. Goats are some of the most autonomous domestic animals, easily turning feral upon escape. They are also very good climbers with an excellent sense of balance, making them the only ruminant species known to frequently climb trees.


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