A man in Debrecen pretended to be the nephew of the Secretary of State

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The Debrecen Tribunal sentenced a man to six years in prison for involvement in influence as a multiple recidivist, citing his good relationship system to ask for money to help him win tender money, a spokesman for the tribunal told MTI.

Dénes Dobó wrote that the man was serving a final sentence of imprisonment for another case, so the court decided on his case in a remote hearing. The accused shall not be released on parole.

According to the facts, the 53-year-old man met the victim in May 2019, the operator of a restaurant in Debrecen, with whom he then met several times in person. The defendant claimed that he was the nephew of one of the secretaries of the state, so he has an extensive network of contacts and can also help him win application money.

The accused asked for one hundred thousand forints to bribe an official for a successful tender. “He was obviously pretending, as he still had no contact with any official. It was then that the crime of trading in influence came to fruition, despite the fact that he did not receive the money in the end, ”the court found.

The decision is not final, the prosecutor appealed for the aggravation of the sentence, the accused and his defense counsel for acquittal. The case continues at the Debrecen Judgment Board.

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