The municipality of Debrecen offered help to families affected by the coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic also claimed victims in Hungary – unfortunately, including young parents with small children. By amending its decree on basic child welfare services, which provides personal care, the municipality of Debrecen will provide assistance to the families concerned, the city management said.

The details were reported at a press conference by Deputy Mayor Diána Széles, Éva Rózsahegyiné Juhász, President of the Debrecen Charitable Body and István Becsky, local government representative. As Dián Széles said, Debrecen, as a caring city, is a loving community that cares about families who need support. Families with small children deserve special attention from the young parents.

In order to alleviate the burden of parents raising their young children as a result of such a tragedy, the Municipality of Debrecen provides free childcare 8 hours a day on working days at the request of the affected families – where applicable, children – up to the age of three.

Diána Széles also mentioned that the local government of Debrecen supports the István Regőczi Foundation, established by the President of the Republic and his wife to help children orphaned by the coronavirus epidemic, with HUF 2.5 million, to which he also recommends families to be helped.

Éva Rózsahegyiné Éva Juhász, the chairman of the Debrecen Charitable Body, reported that

The amount of support available from the City of Debrecen Aid Fund for minors who have lost a parent due to a coronavirus epidemic or for young people over the age of 18 but participating in full-time training will be increased from HUF 150,000 to HUF 350,000 as of 1 July 2021.

Local government representative István Becsky spoke about the support of two families who lost their young husbands in the coronavirus epidemic and raised two small children. In order to help them, a fundraiser was organized among the athletes from Debrecen and their relatives, as a result of which they were able to support the family with nearly 2 million forints. Thanks to the organizing committee of the 3 × 3 basketball Olympic qualifying tournament held in Debrecen between June 4 and 6, it was able to report an offer of another HUF 300,000.

Mrs. Sándorn Kiss Barbara, a mother who lost her husband, said the tragedy came when she was raising her two-year-old boy at home and she was seven months pregnant with a baby born in mid-May. Since then, the family has received a lot of support, both financially and mentally, and in this not easy situation they will also take advantage of the possibility of childcare provided by the municipality.


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