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Debrecen again this year joined the European Mobility Week and the International Car Free Day call. This year, the event will be organized in a new location, on the section of Piac Street between Kossuth and Szent Anna Street. This section will close on September 18 for the duration of the event. The organizers are waiting for those interested with colorful programs, writes DKV in a statement.

Calling for Car Free Day begins with a Facebook campaign. The organizers call on the people committed to Green Debrecen to replace the cover image on their facebook page with the official cover image of the program.

HungAIRy – “Green traffic for cleaner, healthier air!”

The event of the Car Free Day was also joined by the HungAIRy project, which focuses on one of the most significant environmental problems, the improvement of air quality. Transport contributes significantly to the deterioration of air quality, endangers the environment and has adverse effects such as noise, congestion, road accidents and the occupation of areas that can be used for other purposes.

Therefore, the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly transport, the promotion of public transport and non-motorized modes of transport are very important in Debrecen.

Car-Free Day is a great opportunity to choose public transport, hop on a bike, or take a pleasant walk to your destination, considering how our daily driving habits affect our environment and our health.

The undisguised aim of Car Free Day is to draw attention, as a kind of experiment, to the fact that it is possible to use our public spaces in a more environmentally sustainable way instead of the current usual functions (parking, car transport).

The Car Free Day event on September 18, 2021 awaits those interested with a large-scale all-day program featuring environmental protection and environmentally friendly means of transportation. This year, the programs will take place next to the pedestrian zone in front of the old Town Hall, on the section of Piac Street between Kossuth Street and Szent Anna Street.

The organizers include the Municipality of DMJV, DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt., DV PARKING Kft.
the Vocational Training Center of Debrecen, the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters, the Debrecen City Police Headquarters, the Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate, the DERKE, the DKSI – Bicycle Department, the INTER-TANKER Zrt., the Institute of Transport Sciences, the Red Cross, the Foundation for Transport Safety and EDC Debrecen Nonprofit Kft.

Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters with a bicycle skill track, traffic test, presentation of the Standby Police electric transport equipment and laser shooting and weapons technical equipment, presentation of the Debrecen Border Hunter Deployment Department The member institutions of Baross, Beregszász, Brassai and Mechwart are waiting for the visitors of the Car Free Day with a traffic puzzle, LEGO robot track, LEGO car driving with the help of an application, and a LEGO self-driving vehicle demonstration.

The Municipality of Debrecen is waiting for those interested with the LIFE HungAIRy project team, Kahoot, which is based on the connection between air and transport! with a quiz game, prizes and lots and lots of interesting information about the air quality of Debrecen.

The URBACT III implemented by EDC Debrecen Nonprofit Kft. as part of the THRIVING STREETS project, it invites visitors to the stand for an urban time travel. It awaits those interested with an old puzzle made of pictures of the city center. At the same time, it offers an insight into a possible future: imagining Piac Street as a green oasis and a picnic place for families with board games.

In addition to the “Road Race Competition”, DKV Zrt. Launches nostalgia tram and trolleybus special services on tram line 1 and trolleybus line 4. Also, on the occasion of the International Troline Day, the company will create a green island at the bus stop in front of the Truncated Church. A bus exhibition awaits visitors to the pedestrian zone on Piac Street. Thanks to INTER TAN-KER Zrt., Visitors can try out how to drive a bus with a driving simulator, and visitors can also admire one of the public transport vehicles of the future, the electric bus, on the corner of Simonffy Street. Organized by DERKE, you can travel on a real American school bus.

The ZSUZSI Forest Railway offers a bird therapy school, interactive driving, the SANSZ Foundation’s dog therapy demonstration, the Cívis Consort String Quartet, the musical performance of Tibor Réti, Máté Kiss, an interactive production on stilts and a craft workshop.

This year, DERKE will once again host a “Eljutási verseny” on 16 and 17 September 2021, the essence of which is to ride the same distance by car, bicycle and tram in compliance with the rules of the road. At the DERKE stand, visitors can try out various bicycles and bicycle trailers suitable for transporting children. There is also travel, passenger advice and quizzes, and children can play on a wooden train terrain table.

In addition to vehicle demonstrations and skill tasks, we also offer music programs at the event. Children’s and adult music programs will start on Car Free Day from 12 noon. Among the performers we can see, among others, Kuckó Art Mother’s House, Emergency Police tonfa performance, Katica Kíváncsi, Valcer Dance Studio, Róbert Badacsonyi tap dance performance, Country performance, Diri-Dongo, the July 25 rock band, the evening with the Birds and the concert ends with a street ball.

On September 18, 2021, on the Car Free Day, travel on DKV Zrt.’s flights will be free of charge. Anyone who shows the driver the traffic of their car can travel with their whole family free of charge on this day. / max. 2 adults and 3 children. The detailed program of the European Mobility Week and the Car Free Day can be found on the official Facebook page and website of DKV Zrt. And the co-organizing companies.

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