Hortobágy awaits its visitor with numerous programs on Sunday

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An outstanding event in the lives of shepherds was the autumn collection of cattle from pastures. On this day, the collected animals were accounted for by the farmers. In Hortobágy, this tradition is nurtured during the collection festival, when our shepherds, cattle, breeding animals and teeth cross the Nine-Hole Bridge, paying tribute to the pastoral culture.

In addition to the Sunday collection holiday, the main character of the all-day event is the crane, as crane pulling is the most spectacular natural phenomenon in Hortobágy, the autumn festival of nature. The highlights of the Crane Festival are the dawn, day, and dusk crane tours, where participants can observe the breathtaking sight of the crane marching.

During the day, the Handicraft Fair held at the Hortobágy Fairground awaits those interested.

The cranes flooded Hortobágy, especially many have arrived this year

According to the Hortobágy National Park, more than 130,000 individuals set off the area this autumn.

The nature conservation guards of the directorate constantly monitor the presence of cranes and their feeding and resting places in the area of the Hortobágy National Park. Cranes spend the night on shallow floods, drained fishponds. They board at these dusk hours and continue flying around sunrise.



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