This year’s wines from Debrecen were presented

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Debrecen is doing a lot for Hungarian wine culture, one of the most significant events of which has been the selection of the city’s wines since 2015, the organizers said at a press conference presenting this year’s wines on Tuesday.

Although the city is not a citadel of Hungarian wines, it has a centuries-old connection to wine production and viticulture – the deputy mayor of the culture of Debrecen pointed out that the nearby Érmellék has been mentioned as the city’s vineyard for centuries.

“Raising the wine culture of our joint mission in Debrecen and promoting Hungarian wine culture”

– added István Puskás.

Gábor Gődény, the managing director of VisitDebrecen Turistikai Nonprofit Kft.

Pál Kovács, a regular member of the Hungarian Wine Academy, the Friend of Winemakers, and the publisher of Debrecen Winery, announced that in the first round of testing, the Debrecen Winery’s panel of winemakers and wine experts judged 426 wines from 15 wineries and 86 wineries. This year, Debrecen’s wines were selected from seven wines of the 22 wineries that scored the most points at that time by blind tasting – the critics only tasted wines with numbers.

In the category of premium white and red and sweet white, the wine of the city of Debrecen became the wine of Thummerer Winery Eger Chardonnay 2019 in 2022 (Eger wine region, Noszvaj); the 2018 wine of the Takler Wine Estate Primarius Syrah (Szekszárd Wine Region, Decs) and the 6-year-old 2017 wine of the Degenfeld Vineyard and Winery Tokaji Aszú (Tokaj Wine Region, Tarcal).

In the classic white, red, and rosé category, this year’s Debrecen wine was Koch Winery Kaj Hajós-Baja Chardonnay 2020 vintage wine (Hajós-Baja wine region (Borota); Hárs Family Organic Winery Cabernet Franc 2019 vintage wine (Pécs wine region, Szajk) and the selection of Néró Rosé of the St. Peter’s Wine Cellar in 2021 (Kunság wine region, Kiskőrös).

This year’s champagne in Debrecen is the Brut white champagne from Molnár and Sons Winery Zöldveltelini, 2018 (Mátra wine region, Abasár).

Representatives of the award-winning wineries received the wine certificates of the year from István Puskás and Pál Kovács in the framework of the press conference.

Photo: Debreceni Borozó

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