An underground garage is under construction in downtown Debrecen

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Mayor László Papp and Tamás Hegymegi, Technical Director of Hunép Zrt held a press conference at the venue for the construction of Sas Street underground garage.
In the middle of Downtown Debrecen, there has been a huge work in the middle of Downtown Debrecen for months, which we tend as part of the Transport Development Program, although this is not road construction, not rebuilding of junctions, but very important for the city transport, said László Papp. He recalled that the number of parking spaces decreased significantly after the transformation of Dósa Nádor Square. Then they made the promise to try to replace them as quickly as possible.

– The size shows the size of the intervention. If we look into this pit, it is already deep enough, but the lower part of the building goes down five meters. Earth production will take place in the coming weeks and months. At the moment, 60 percent of the earthworks were done, he said. He emphasized that the garage construction will be 30 percent prepared overall, and it will be able to complete in the fall sometime in the autumn, and the facility will be able to serve Debrecen from the last quarter of this year, he said.

He noted that this part of Debrecen was an area with a significant archaeological involvement, with decisive archaeological excavations in the inner courtyard of the ÁNTSZ headquarters, so it was important to place the underground garage in an area where there was no archaeological involvement in the area. He stated that the venue was selected on the basis of pre-studies, and archaeological excavations have proven that the investment did not have serious archaeological value.

“The public utilities have been made, and the cellar of the old town hall has been strengthened,” he said.
He emphasized that the underground garage itself is a 7000 square meter building, which will include a 207 -seat parking lot on four levels and will be suitable for the location of a bicycle and an engine, as well as 27 electric charging stations. In addition, the building will also be located, in social blocks and a Smart City Management Center. The cost of the investment is HUF 4.7 billion gross.

He added that there was another element of the project that was planned not only underground but also above the surface. However, the so-called Incubator House construction project was recalculated among the top plus, the 21-27 development cycle programs. “The underground garage is built so that over time, when the top plus sources open, another office building will be built on the Orbán House and then an atrium will be formed by a rectangular building complex,” he explained.

Tamás Hegymegi, technical director of Hunép Zrt. He emphasized that the investment is also special because it is carried out in an area enclosed with buildings, so it is especially important that land production does not damage the surrounding buildings. To this end, a monitoring system has been developed, which constantly records the movement of the buildings, but so far there are well below the limits and no damage to the buildings.


Debrecen City Hall

Photo: MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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