Áder Takes Up Role in Global Water, Climate Management Body


President János Áder has joined current and former heads of state, former heads of government, ministers, leaders of international NGOs and large corporations on a panel promoting implementation of the global goals set so far on water management and climate protection.

Áder will take a role in the Water and Climate Management Board at the request of the heads of the World Meteorological Organisation and UN Water Coordinating Organisation, the president’s office said. The members of the fifteen-member panel invited from the five continents will focus on “mutually reinforcing, practical solutions” related to data processing, education, regulation, collaboration and funding. Improving water management will largely hinge on making investments that aid the adaptation to climate change, improving public health and the resilience of societies to epidemics, as well as food security and the stability of economies, the statement said. At the first meeting, Áder said the social and economic impacts of climate and water problems must be addressed in their context, and that he would promote practical solutions developed by the board in both domestic and international forums. At the end of November, the body is scheduled to hold a working meeting in Hungary as part of the sustainability expo and Planet Budapest world conference.



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