Winter weather continues with morning frosts


The cold weather stays in the next few days, in the middle of the week it can be colder than 10 degrees in some places. It is also necessary to prepare for sunshine, but sometimes also for snow, according to the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

Snow and Rain to Be Expected From Tonight

There may be mixed precipitation on Monday morning in the north-eastern third of the country, in the wider vicinity of the Danube Bend. Rain will be typical in the east and the plains, but moving to the west and in the higher parts there will be an increasing chance of snow and snow. It can only rarely fall in the afternoon. The wind is picking up, it is getting stronger in many places in Transdanubia. The temperature will be between minus 2 and plus 3 in the morning and between 1 and 7 during the day.

During the day on Tuesday, the sun shines mainly in Transdanubia for a longer or shorter period of time, but the sky may remain overcast in Transdanubia and there may be more clouds between the Danube and the Tisza. Drizzle and insignificant snowfall may occur only in some places. It is reviving in several places, the wind is getting stronger in some places. At dawn, the air usually cools down to between minus 5 and plus 1 degree, but it can be colder in less cloudy places. Values ​​between 0 plus 5 degrees are expected in the early afternoon.

By Wednesday, fog will form, which will slowly dissipate in some places. In most parts of the country, however, the sun can shine for longer or shorter periods of time. Significant precipitation is unlikely. The lowest temperatures are usually between minus 8 and minus 1 degree, but in frosty landscapes, it can be as low as minus 13 degrees. Peak values ​​are expected to be between minus 1 and plus 4 degrees.

Mostly cloudy or overcast weather is expected on Thursday. A precipitation zone is coming from the west. There may be more rain in the eastern and south-eastern part of the country, in the north and northwest, and then in the western half or two-thirds of the country, there is a higher chance of snow and snow. The wind is picking up in several places, strengthening in places. The temperature is between minus 10 and 0 degrees in the morning and between 0 and 7 degrees during the day.

On Friday, there will be less and less precipitation in the south-eastern part of the country (rain, snow, and then more snowfall is likely).

Fog may form on Saturday. There may be drizzle and snowfall during the day, but there may also be more or less sunshine. On Friday and Saturday, the lowest temperatures are likely to be between minus 5 and plus 4 and the highest between 0 and 9 degrees Celsius.

There may also be fog spots on Sunday. There is a chance of variable clouds during the day, with a small chance of rain. From a value between minus 8 and plus 1 degrees in the morning, the temperature rises to between 0 and plus 6 degrees in the afternoon.



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