Actions in the last 24 hours


Hajdú-Bihar county police officers took action at the scene of a road traffic accident involving personal injury in the last 24 hours, which ended in a minor injury.

The service staff arrested seven people, three of whom had been convicted of a crime and four of whom had been found on the basis of a circular against them.

Police produced 12 people, four of them on suspicion of committing a crime. Security measures were taken in 11 cases.

The carbon monoxide sensor in the bathroom of a family house indicated toxic traces in the air yesterday at dawn in Pebróhegy Street, Debrecen. Professional firefighters from Debrecen performed measurements in the house. Measurements showed toxic gas in the air. The staff of the gas supplier excluded the faulty appliance from the system. The ambulance service examined the residents of the house who were not injured.

A forty square meter residential house caught fire and burned to its full extent on Tuesday morning in Bagamér, Petőfi Sándor Street. The professional firefighters of Debrecen and the municipal firefighters of Létavértes extinguished the flames. During an inspection of the building, firefighters found a man in one of the rooms of the building whose life could no longer be saved. The cause and conditions of the fire are investigated with the help of experts.

In a seventh-floor apartment, a circuit breaker burned in Debrecen, in the Fényes yard. Professional firefighters from the county seat ventilated the apartment. Seventy people left the building at the time of the intervention, they had been waiting in a warming bus until they could return to their homes. Three people from the affected apartment temporarily moved to live with their relatives.

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