Man steals a tractor and drives it drunk


The Hajdúböszörmény Police Headquarters has completed its investigation into the case.

A local man was driving a tractor in the interior of Hajdúdorog in the early hours of November 14, 2020, when he deviated from the roadway while driving, he collided with a trash can, then a bicycle storage, and finally a tree. The driver was not injured in the accident, but there was property damage to the vehicle. Police officers who arrived at the scene used an alcohol probe against the man, which indicated a positive result, so he was taken to the station for further sampling. Based on the opinion of a forensic chemist obtained during the proceedings, his body had a concentration of ethyl alcohol in excess of the criminal threshold. Police also found that the vehicle combination was known and used by the owner without his consent. Arbitrary confiscation of a vehicle against a local resident is a criminal offense and driving while intoxicated is a well-founded suspicion of a misdemeanor.

During the investigation phase of the investigation, the Hajdúböszörmény Police Headquarters took the necessary procedural steps and handed over the case file to the competent prosecutor’s office.

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