Man tries to rob a tobacco shop


The suspect hit the shopkeeper with a bag full of stones. He was investigated for attempted homicide by Hajdú-Bihar police.

Police received a report on March 24, 2020, around 5 p.m. Police immediately went to the scene, where only the injured seller was found. An ambulance was called to take the woman to the hospital. officers and detectives set off on a hunt to locate the perpetrator. Their work soon paid off, the very next day a 25-year-old man came into their sight, who could be linked to the commission of the crime. The resident of Váncsod was caught, interrogated as a suspect, then taken into criminal custody and made a motion to arrest him, which was ordered by the Debrecen District Court on March 27, 2020. Medical expert examinations later found that although the woman suffered minor injuries, considering the mode of abuse, this was purely due to luck.

According to the investigation, the suspect went into the tobacco shop and then, when the shopkeeper turned her back, he hit her on the head with his bag full of stones. The woman fell to the ground, however, her assailant continued to hit her with the bag and only stopped the abuse when her saw that the victim could not move anymore. Eventually, he was forced to flee the scene empty-handed.


The Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters carried out an investigation into the man on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of committing a criminal attempted homicide for profit. The police took the necessary procedural steps during the investigation phase of the case and handed over the documents to the prosecutor’s office.

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