Klekner Hanga from Debrecen finished fifth in Tallinn


The pole vault of the Debrecen Sportcentrum-Sportiskola further improved its performance at 420 cm on Friday, setting its outdoor peak in the forefront of closed Tallinn.

The U23 European Athletics Championships ended in the Estonian capital on Sunday, where 27 young people represented the Hungarian colors. After confidently advancing from the qualifier, DSC-SI pole vaulter Hanga Klekner also excelled in the final of the day, starting at a height of four meters, which he managed to pass for the second time. In the jump, 4.15 meters did not cause him an unsolvable task either, his third attempt was already successful. The mentally strong Hungarian champion then surpassed 425 centimeter (!) For the first time, deciding that he could not finish behind the fifth place. He then tried three times at a height of 435 inches, and it didn’t take long for him to succeed. Regardless, he achieved one of the best results of his life.

The gold was received by the Czech Švábíková, the silver by the British Caudery, while the bronze medal was hung around the neck of the Swedish Gunnarsson at the announcement of the results.

The Hungarians won two continental championships in the four-day race, Petra Farkas in the long jump and István Palkovits did not find the winner in the 3,000-meter hurdles.



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