New training for a sporty future


The Faculty of Child Education and Special Education of the University of Debrecen has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ovi-Sport Public Benefit Foundation for the establishment of a sports-based, movement-developing kindergarten teacher in-service training course. A new training ground would also be built in the faculty area.

Both the Ovi-Sport Program and the foundation were started by Jenő Buzánszky, the legendary footballer of the Golden Team, with the aim of educating children in a sport-specific way, thus establishing a love of movement in them, and later sport can become a part of their everyday lives.

The Faculty of Child Education and Special Education of the University of Debrecen also joined the program. Under an agreement reached on February 19, the faculty will develop an educational program that will create a new specialized continuing education course at the university. For the training, the FAQ selects the instructors and, as part of the cooperation, also involves the specialists of the foundation in the work. The faculty first came into contact with the foundation in 2018, when they formulated the establishment of a specialized in-service teacher training program and began to work out the details of the new program.

– We agreed to launch a nationally unique training. In terms of both professional content and material conditions, this is a special training, the importance of which is that the development of movement should be given great emphasis in teacher training. Professionals can gain innovative knowledge, biological, anatomical, health and movement development methodological knowledge. The university has carried out very serious sports science research and sports-related developments, and the training fits in with these, said Erzsébet Gortka-Rákó, dean of the faculty, in connection with the agreement.

Instructors will also use a textbook published by the foundation. As an essential part of the program, an Ovi-Sport Track can be built in the faculty to help train kindergarten teachers.

– The program is connected to Debrecen at several points, as the founder of the foundation, Jenő Buzánszky, was the traveling ambassador of DE, the Buzánszky Cup is also held here, and the first full-scale statue of the legendary footballer was erected in the country. Together with the University of Debrecen, we are also launching a Buzánszky scholarship program so that as many kindergarten teachers as possible can take part in the training, after which professionals can receive a university degree. The university was open to the program as it had already built courses from its own resources in its practice kindergartens. The program will be complete with the establishment of such a faculty. On the six-twelve-meter artificial grass field, educators can try out and use the tools to develop children’s movement culture, emphasized Andrea Molnár, President of the Ovi-Sport Public Benefit Foundation.

The establishment of the continuing education program has already been registered with the Education Office. You can apply for the two-year training with three years of kindergarten teacher experience. The degree is scheduled to start as early as September this year, but no later than next year.

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