Podium place in the American rankings


Among the Hungarian higher education institutions, the University of Debrecen is the second, while among the best 300 at the European level, News & World Report in the latest ranking of Best Global Universities. The institution achieved the best results in the fields of physics, biology and biochemistry.

The University of Debrecen at 672. obtained in place of U.S. Pat. News & World Report in the global ranking of Best Global Universities, at European level it was 285th, while in Hungary it was 2nd. In terms of disciplines, it was best on the thematic list of physics (375), biology and biochemistry (446), and plant and animal science (476).

The U.S. firm’s rankings focus specifically on the scientific research and reputation of institutions. The Best Global Universities list ranked nearly 1,500 institutions from 86 countries this year, with the first 1,500 institutions selected in a first step from 1,748 universities.

For the ranking, the authors used 13 indicators: global research reputation 12.5%; regional research reputation 12.5%; publications 10%; books 2.5%; conferences 2.5%; normalized citation effect 10%; total citations 7.5%; the number of publications cited in the top 10% is 12.5%; the percentage of all publications among the 10% most cited is 10%; international cooperation – 5% compared to the country; international cooperation 5%; the number of highly cited papers in the top 1% cited in their field is 5%; the percentage of all publications that are among the top 1% of articles is 5%.

Of these, the University of Debrecen produced the best indicators in terms of regional research reputation (132), international cooperation (400) and all publications (446), which are among the most popular articles (446).

At the top of the global rankings are three US institutions: Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University.

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