This year’s first foal was born at the University of Debrecen


After the first lambs, the first foal of the 2021 breeding year was born on the experimental farm of the University of Debrecen. At present, nearly 20 breeds carry out breed maintenance, gene conservation research and practical training in the kismacs farm.

This year’s first university foal has a rare pedigree and was born as a result of a carefully planned mating plan.

– The well-developed, healthy mare foal is the youngest member of the Midrán 11 mare family in Mezőhegyes, which can be traced back to 1815, and is a valuable specimen of the 19th generation. According to the breeding regulations, her mother, with the initials of Leda’s username, is given the nickname Lávakő. According to the plans, he will stay in the farm until he is three years old, after which he can go to the stables on Kartács Street, which is owned by the University of Debrecen (DE). We are waiting for the arrival of another 8 gidran foals at the experimental farm until May – János Oláh, the head of the Kismacsi Animal Breeding Experimental Farm, told

In the 1970s, 35 specimens of the hydrocrane variety, which had drifted to the brink of extinction, are currently living on the university farm thanks to the gene conservation program. In addition to horses, the breed conservation project also includes hens, turkeys and cigaja sheep.

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