Graduates of the four faculties of the University of Debrecen said goodbye


The University of Debrecen held its second closing ceremony this year. On Saturday, graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, Humanities, Sciences and Technology, and the Faculty of Music have said goodbye at the Nagyerdei Stadium. This academic year closes on July 10th.

Our university has been operating continuously for almost half a thousand years. There have been wars, crises, epidemics, but not a single year has been left out. Our students and teachers have always played their part in solving national challenges. Now our doctors, health professionals and students have helped to protect against the epidemic, and we can safely say with a heroic position.

– said the Vice-Rector for Education of the University of Debrecen in his speech at the closing session of the institution on Saturday.

Elek Bartha added that the recent graduates had to face a number of unforeseen difficulties in their studies due to the coronavirus epidemic, yet they have every chance to start their careers successfully with enough faith and confidence.

I sincerely believe that the students graduating from the University of Debrecen will meet the challenges that await them in their lives, and they will be exemplary citizens in their field and in their private lives.

– the Deputy Rector emphasized.

The University of Debrecen passed the final examinations at the Faculty of Medicine, Humanities, Sciences and Technology, and Music with 511 candidates in BSc, 437 in MSc, 177 in full-time training, and 120 in the correspondence department for pedagogues and in-service training.

After the graduates’ vows were made, two students per faculty took over their degrees, symbolically on behalf of their fellow students as well.

– The University of Debrecen prepares its students for life and success in the labor market. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, most of this year’s school year had to be completed in absentee education, for which the institution created all the conditions, but it was still difficult without a personal connection, said the president of the Student Self-Government of the University of Debrecen.

István Csont added: he is confident that thanks to the effective vaccination campaign, the next school year can start in attendance. The President of DEHÖK explained that in July the traditional big events, the halving and yellowing of GTK-MÉK, which were missed due to the epidemic, would be held in the spring, and the organization of the freshman camp was also started.

On behalf of the English language graduates, Sayed Ahmad Mohamed, Vice President of the Student Government, greeted the recent graduates.

At the end of the academic year, the recognition of the Student Self-Government of the University of Debrecen and the Outstanding Student of the University of Debrecen (Csanád Szuszik, TTK physics master’s degree, Máté Szabó, M.Sc.

The next final closing senate meeting of the University of Debrecen will take place on July 10 at 4 pm in the Nagyerdei Stadium. On Saturday, graduates of the Faculty of Health, Dentistry, Child Education and Special Education, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Technical and Public Health will say goodbye.

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