The University of Debrecen has maintained its leading role


In the supplementary admission procedure, the University of Debrecen was one of the most popular among Hungarian higher education institutions. The number of those admitted to the new school year, including the general admission procedure, the results of cross-border admissions and those admitted to English-language courses, exceeds ten thousand.

The University of Debrecen was also prominent in the admission procedure in 2021, and in terms of application data and the number of admissions, Debrecen became the most sought-after rural university again. The results of this year’s supplementary admission procedure were announced on 27 August, based on which almost 600 applicants were admitted to the University of Debrecen, of which 251 were admitted to state scholarship courses.

In the general admission procedure, the institution in Debrecen was nominated by a total of 16,189, 9167 were listed in the first place, based on this, in 2021, the University of Debrecen admitted 6,961 applicants. This number, together with the admission procedure, cross-border admissions, English-language and doctoral admissions, has further increased so that in total more than ten thousand admitted students will be able to start their studies at the University of Debrecen in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Elek Bartha, Deputy Rector for Education of the University of Debrecen, told that the University of Debrecen will close this year’s admission procedure with a very positive result.

Together with the summer admission procedures, we have admitted more than ten thousand first-year students to the institution, which is one of the best results of recent years. Compared to the previous year, the number of admissions has increased significantly, which is especially appreciable in this epidemic period. Despite the viral situation, the number of foreign students has also increased dramatically. It should be emphasized that the proportions of the additional admissions may differ in relation to the majors, as there are trainings that have already reached the peak of their capacities during the summer admission procedure.

– the deputy rector said.

The Faculty of Economics and Business was the most popular

In the supplementary admission procedure, most of the applicants were admitted to the Faculty of Economics and Business, 155 in number, the second most popular was the Faculty of Health, where 74 first come, followed by the Faculty of Law with 71 students, the same number of applicants were admitted to the Faculty of Law. Also the Faculty of Child Education and Special Education.

Among the undergraduate courses, the largest number of applicants were admitted to the nursing and patient care program, a total of 58 students entered this field of training in their admissions. The University of Debrecen enrolled 45 people in special education, 39 in health care and prevention, and 22 in trade and marketing.

Among the undivided courses, most students (21 people) were admitted to law training (35 people) and to master’s courses as teachers during the supplementary admission procedure.

Grand opening ceremony:

The University of Debrecen will hold its grand opening at the Nagyerdei Stadium on September 5, from 3 p.m. Relatives can come to the event in unlimited numbers and can participate in the event without a security certificate. The stadium gates will open from 1:30 p.m.

The opening of the solemn academic year is broadcast live by the Multimedia and E-learning Technical Center of the University of Debrecen via this link.

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