The Institute of Anatomy at the University of Debrecen is 100 years old


The Institute of Anatomy, Histology and Development of the University of Debrecen is also successful in research, education and youth education, said at a ceremonial meeting on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation. Participants brought to life the major events in the history of the institute.

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The institute is also at the forefront of education and research. It is a pleasure to see that several of the instructors of the year are anatomists. The Institute of Anatomy was constantly the flagship of the faculty in research, they could always be expected. And what is unparalleled in youth education is how many academic students and later colleagues were launched in their careers. The institute also survived the pandemic. Significant efforts have been made to provide students with the practical training that is essential in teaching anatomy. They gave faith to the entire teaching staff and served as an example.

– emphasized in his greeting László Mátyus, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the UD.

The President of the Hungarian Anatomical Society highlighted the outstanding technical development of the institute nationwide. At Thursday’s ceremony, Dóra Reglődi recalled that digital histology education had recently been introduced, a digital histology room had been set up, the autopsy room had been developed, and they were also at the forefront of the plastination process.

The institute has two main research profiles – Péter Szücs, the director of the institute, explained to Research on the structure and development of cartilage and connective tissue, as well as research on the nervous system, are being carried out in both areas.

The Signal Transmission Research Group has achieved very good results in cartilage regeneration and is also involved in the university’s space research program. In the field of neuroscience, I would like to highlight the vision biology research group, which recently described a new neuron, and the spinal cord research group on pain research also published an interesting finding on how to change heat sensation by modifying certain neuron types.

– Péter Szücs listed.

The Institute of Anatomical Histology and Development of the UD Faculty of Medicine is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. A ceremonial meeting was held at the headquarters of the Debrecen Academic Committee in honor of the jubilee.

After reviewing the story, the institute and its current staff shared with students the memories of their years at the institute.

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