A unique salary increase is being introduced at the University of Debrecen


At the University of Debrecen, the salaries of 4,075 employees performing basic higher education activities and services will increase by up to 80 percent in some positions, the institution’s press office informed MTI of the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen.

According to their announcement, based on the decision of the board of trustees, due to the change in the operating model, they were able to adopt a new salary strategy, which means a significant salary increase in jobs directly related to education and research, but also takes performance into account.

During the two-stage wage development program, historical wage growth will take place at the university. The opportunity for this was created by the foundation’s operation in August and the accompanying funding, which has been achieved by UD’s performance in recent years, the statement quotes the chairman of the board of trustees.

The foundation of the University of Debrecen will receive the most money from the government between 2022-2026

György Kossa emphasized that measurable institutional and individual performance are the two important pillars of the new wage strategy. The contract of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen with the Hungarian state in September provides the framework for university funding for five years, an important condition for the institution to achieve the training, scientific and sectoral quantitative and qualitative indicators set in the agreement, he said.

He added that since the basic activity of the university and the goals to be achieved are based on the work of lecturers, researchers and teachers, the board of trustees of the foundation has adopted a special salary measure in their case.

There will be a two-round wage measure in each group of employees serving education and research. In the first round, from September 1, after one year, the continuation of this wage element depends on the achieved university performance and the related university resources, and its individual level depends on the performance appraisal, indicated György Kossa.

According to the announcement, Chancellor Zoltán Bács said that according to the new university salary, the salaries of teaching assistants, assistant professors, research assistants and research staff, as well as those employed in the higher education teaching staff will increase the most.



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