Manager’s picnic at the Faculty of Engineering


Playful programs and exciting tasks awaited management students and their instructors at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Debrecen at the Manager’s Picnic held for the first time on Tuesday. Graduates of the training usually find work quickly.

More than a hundred students and lecturers from the Department of Technical Management and Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Debrecen participated in the team-building event. The program also included rowing competitions, contests, a show by DEAC cheerleaders and a demonstration by fire jugglers.

Our goal is community building, we want to meet our students in a more informal way and get to know them better. At the same time, this event also provides an opportunity for entertainment, relaxation and experiences

– stated the deputy dean of education of the Faculty of Engineering, Judit T. Kiss, head of the department.

More than 400 people are currently studying technical management: 203 are taking part in the bachelor’s program and 210 are taking part in the master’s program in technical management. Students have the opportunity to start their studies in both full-time or correspondence courses. For foreign students, the master’s course is currently available in English, which is very popular, 108 people are currently taking part in it. Based on the enrollment data of the last four years, more people in the master’s program prefer the correspondence course, the main reason for this is that students who complete their bachelor’s degree usually find a good job very quickly, corresponding to their education.

We have now admitted more students to the correspondence department than full-time students for the bachelor’s degree, considering that starting this year, in addition to the self-funded training, it is also possible to start technical management studies in the correspondence department in the form of a state scholarship

– explained the head of the department.

Judit T. Kiss added: they constantly monitor what the labor market requires, what knowledge is needed in order for our graduates to be able to succeed.

In addition to the basic technical, management and economic subjects, for example, in the technical manager bachelor’s degree, economics, finance, business economics, quality management, innovation and strategic management, technical and lean management, world-class production, collaborative process automation and logistics are dealt with

– he listed.

Technical management students can choose from three specializations, namely industrial process planning, material handling and logistics, and construction industry specialization. Depending on the chosen specialization, students participate in computer classes and laboratory exercises. At the same time, in order to deepen and expand professional knowledge, a professional internship must be completed, which is 6 weeks for a bachelor’s degree and 4 weeks for a master’s degree. During the internship, the students can use the acquired knowledge in a workplace environment and gain experience at the same time.

Newly advertised positions for technical managers include, for example, the positions of project manager, project manager, preparatory engineer, and production support engineer, and they are also offered the positions of process engineer, product manager, and production manager. Moreover, this qualification is also accepted abroad, which is why many people apply from beyond our borders.


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